Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vocaloid Weekly Ranking #157

Today's midterm didn't too bad, I did pretty well on the written I believe.  The MC was kinda hit or miss lol.  Personally I never liked MC that much since the choice are never straight forward but hopefully I did well on those too.
I definately feel great after this midterm though, so I'm glad that it's over.  The next one is in 2 weeks, which is Calculus, not too afraid of that but I should do a few practices.  Still got a 1500-2500 word essay to write as well, time to get that started :<

How's was your day?

As for today's Vocaloid Ranking, I'm gonna actually post the video.
Bewarned it's about 23mins long so if you don't want to watch it all, I'm gonna spoil the ranks as well as post some new songs.




And #1 is 「君の手、僕の手」 - Your Hand, My Hand

Enjoy! :)


  1. I enjoyed your point of view in this post

  2. Midterms suck ass. Hell, all tests suck ass.