Monday, October 4, 2010

Bahhh midterms

So I can't seem to settle down and actually study.  When I do I'm entirely unsure of what I should study.  This is sorta the dilemma I have every midterm :/  Especially on courses that is based right around a ton of textbook reading but Math doesn't seem to have this effect on me.  So ya I'm stuck just flipping pages after pages over what I seemed to already understand. 

Wat do guiz?

Oh, also, if you're familiar with Wowaka's work, one of his greatest hits, World's End Dancehall, has been made into a very impressive PV:

Thoughts? :)

Anyways hope you enjoy, back to more "studying" :(


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  2. I suck at school, so I don't really have any advice. That video made me tap my feet tho ^^

  3. concentrating is hard... i get distracted all the time.

  4. good follow up post to yesterday's

  5. Maybe break the material up and study small amounts at a time and take frequent breaks so you don't get overwhelmed? Might work out for ya. Good luck with midterms!

  6. Maybe you should check out that Beatingintertia guy's page, you can find some help there.