Saturday, September 25, 2010


Official Touhou anime by UFOtable.  Thought? Comments?
UFOtable has also animated the 空の境界(kara no kyoukai) movies (which were pretty awesome) so I expect them to do a pretty good job of it.  I'd prefer it as a doujin niche if possible but who knows what to expect.

On a totally unrelated note, I'mma leave this here for you guys :)

【東方】レヴァリエ【PV風】 Ver.0.8


  1. Damn.. refreshed page and all what I wrote got deleted xD

    Well I loved kara no kyoukai (but well.. im a sucker for typemoon)

    As for the anime. I have high hopes in it as ufotable is quite decent imo. Also the fanmade anime was really great already, also was the thing what got me into touhou. Yet... I'm honest. I hate weeabo kids. And I think this show is going to make a lot of weeabo kids like touhou. And I hate weeabos liking what I like. There are already now a decent bunch of western retards liking touhou and destroy my perfect world of gensokyo. xD Also touhou is really pretty much mostly devloping by fans. But those kids have the power to change every character in a way like you never would have guessed.

  2. Having no knowledge of the subject, I can't offer an opinion. After watching that vid, however, I can now say with confidence that I want my own loli maid army